How to Behave at the End of a Date

Whether a date has been successful or not, it will always come to an end. Knowing how and when to end a date can play an important part in its success. Ideally you want it to end naturally but this can be hard to achieve. Your aim is to leave a good first impression, so it is important that you get it right. There is no point having a wonderful date and ending it abruptly and rudely. Not all dates work out as you may hope and even in that situation you still want it to end as smoothly as possible.

The end of a date consists of some special moments. It is when you might arrange another date, talk about your feelings, and even share a kiss. Alternatively it can be the moment when you feel rejected or reject someone, have uncomfortable moments of sorting out payment for a meal or activity, and have periods of awkward silence. If the date went well you want to leave the situation on a high and not let it drag on until you are both bored and have run out of things to talk about. It is recommended that a first date lasts no longer than three to four hours, obviously depending on your chosen date location. By having a prearranged time to end the date, you stand a higher chance of it ending positively.

There are no rules to say you must kiss at the end of a date. If you don’t want to, then don’t. If the moment feels right it will occur naturally. Keep the kiss gentle and quite short, otherwise it could become extremely passionate and do harm to the good impression you have made. A gentle kiss can be very sexy and leave your date with a smile on their face once you have gone your separate ways. A kiss on the cheek or even a hug will also give the message that you are interested. Never force a kiss on your date, and never assume it will lead to more. By assuming the date will result in sex, you could ruin any chances of a future date and make your date feel very uncomfortable and possibly unsafe. Safety should be your top priority on a first date, so always make sure you know exactly how to get home safely, even if you have someone pick you up at a prearranged time and location.

Coping with rejection isn’t easy, but if you are unfortunate to be turned down for a future date try to stay calm. If you are really upset and angry inside, try not to let it show. By appearing calm and courteous you will come across as being mature and in control, two positive features your date will be missing out on. If the date becomes unbearable for you, try to end it as quickly as possible. If you don’t feel confident ending it early, then you could resort to desperate measures and make up an excuse. Always have a back up plan in mind as you never know when you might need it.

There are often situations that occur at the end of a date that can cause some awkwardness. Paying for a date is one of these uncomfortable moments, such as paying the bill at a restaurant. You might have intended on paying your way, or paying for both of you, but your date might have the same idea. If you both insist on paying, then simply compromise and split the bill between you. There is no point making a big issue out of the situation.

If you feel the date went well, but your date doesn’t seem so enthusiastic, try to keep the situation casual. By doing so you aren’t putting any unwanted pressure on them plus you won’t make yourself look a fool by seeming too keen. Alternatively if they appear more interested in you than you are in them, don’t let them think that you have more to offer. If you don ‘t wish to see them again, tell them, but let them down gently. It is unfair to keep them hanging around for you, so be firm but polite when ending the date. Don’t offer friendship as an alternative to romance as it will only result in one of you getting hurt. Having said that, you both might find you are suited more towards being friends and in that instance a good friendship could develop. Try to be clear about your feelings regardless of what they are. If you like them, then be honest and tell them that you enjoyed their company and would like to do it again.


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