How Should I Prepare For My Blind Date?

Kim was at home relaxing after working earlier during the day at her job. She decided to playback her telephone messages on her answering machine. As she was listening to her messages she came across a message from Gerald. Gerald was a guy that Kim had been chatting with via an internet dating website for the past five months. She had never met Gerald in person.

She replayed Gerald’s telephone message several times trying to decide what she should do. Gerald seemed like a nice guy, but Kim was not sure if she should go on a blind date with him. He had left a message wanting to know if she would go out with him.

After thinking about Gerald’s message, Kim decided to return Gerald’s call and agree to go on a blind date with him. Kim wondered how the two of them would go about getting the ball rolling for their date. Well Kim, you and Gerald may want to consider some of the following tips for your blind date:

Tip One:

Plan to meet your blind date at a public place such as; a restaurant, coffee shop, museum, art gallery, etc… Just make your first date simple and easy with no strings attached.

Tip Two:

Make a good impression on your blind date by dressing appropriately for your date. That’s right, dress to impress. You may only get one chance to make a lasting impression for your date, so do your best.

Tip Three:

Just be the person you really are. Meaning the real you is the person your date would like to see and hear. Keep in mind most people are looking for honesty, truth and realness in relationships. The person you date should know who you really are so there are no surprises later on down the line if the person you date becomes a permanent mate.

Tip Four:

Get your conversation started with topics you think may be interesting to you and your blind date. For instance, you could talk about entertainment, current news events, sports or hobbies. This is a great way for the two of you to break the ice on your date.

Tip Five:

Let a family member or friends know who, when and where you’re going on your blind date for your safety. Keep in mind you do not know the person you’re going on a date with and your safety should be a primary goal when you date.

Tip Six:

Enjoy yourself, relax and have fun with your date.

Kim was now confident she had some ideas on how she and Gerald would handle their blind date. By using some of these tips Kim felt she would enjoy her date and hopefully if everything went well on her blind date she would be well on her way to more dates with Gerald.


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