Dating Advice – How to Date Guys Effectively

Looking for your Mr Right can often be a cumbersome task, let alone reaching the “men dating” part. On the other hand guys don’t seem to have too many problems dating women. So here’s a little dating advice for all you damsels.

Dating relationships last longer when you do not start thinking about having a perfect relationship right from the beginning. Love marriages or arranged marriages – both have a common factor – people who fall into the matrimony start perceiving perfect images of their spouses. These images are based on movies, fiction or fairy tales. But this is where you have to be cautious. No one is born perfect. Human being is a package of errors. Howsoever successful or intelligent a person may be – errors are a part of his or her life.

The tip no 1 is – try to look beyond the Utopian world. Christian dating, Hindu dating, Jew dating etc – all should have that basic mindset before approaching opposite sex.

You will find numerous websites with online dating advice on where to meet women, online dating tips, dating relationships, love guys etc. But do you know that most of them are written by people who have not dated even once! The Internet is flooded with same online dating tips and real time experiences are hard to find.

The tip no 2 is – try to take advice from people who have had successful relationships rather than relying on the net advice.

Many women tend to become “guys girl” just so that they have a long relationship. They forget about their being. But don’t forget that in the long run you are bound to get back to your natural instincts. How long do you think you can be polite, cute, gentlemanly, and chivalrous? Often it is seen that women who have suppressed their emotions in the beginning allow men to rule their life. Their dating life involves with men making decisions on what to wear, where to go, what friends to meet and how to behave in the parties. This impinge on personal space can actually bring complexes in you.

The tip no 3 is – never let your personal space get occupied to the point of getting choked. This will earn you respect even if your dating isn’t successful.

Many women tend to become extremely nervous when they are dating date. There is absolutely no need to be nervous. Think of dating as cold logic for a change. Try to read his behavior and see how he reacts to your gestures. Once you perceive your dating experience as something logical, your nervousness will vanish. Indulge into flirt dating. Flirting has proven to be a great stress buster. If you are dating after divorce, then flirt dating can be a great stress buster.

The tip no 4 is – don’t get nervous – it will do no good.

Sometimes there are friends within your group whom you have never noticed. It may be possible they are worth a chance. Dating friends is better than opting for dating ads. The advantage of dating guys in your friend-circle is that they already know you. They know your mood, your behavior, your entire persona. Even you will be aware of their persona. Have you seen “Friends”? The characters know each other well, and have dated each other at some point of time. Yet their relationship is healthy amongst each other.


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